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Watch your cash back grow with every dollar you pay Google ads through us.
By funding your Google ads account through us each month, you will earn PBAK tokens and your cash back value will start to take off.
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How can we offer cash back?

We're ex-Googlers; you think we would have left Google without building something valuable in the long run?

How we make money is simple. The more people that fund their Google accounts through us, the higher our kickbacks become, and the higher the kickbacks, the higher your cash value grows.

How does our service work?

Step 1

Getting started

The process of earning cash back is simple. Once you register for your account, you will be required to grant us access to your Google ads account by entering your Google ads account ID. Once done, you will get an email from Google asking you to confirm the request to grant us access.

Once you have granted us access, you will then be taken to a page to link your payment method to us so we can pass it to Google. At this point, your account is set up and ready.

How long does it take to get started?
We can have you up and running in just a few minutes.
Do you make any changes to my Google account?
We don't make any changes to your account. You will need to add us so we can submit the payments you send and that's it. We don’t touch anything else.
Do you offer this for Bing ads also?
No, we worked for Google and have that set up. No one on our team worked at Microsoft.
Step 2

Funding your Google ads account

You are now ready to fund your Google account. Let’s say your average charge from Google is $500 per transaction. What you will do is submit your first payment of $500 to us. This process is like loading a bullet in a gun; it’s now ready to fire, and without that bullet loaded, there is no way it can fire.

We then connect our payment system to your Google account, and once Google bills us, we apply that first payment you submitted of $500. At the same time, we will automatically submit an ACH request for the next $500 (loading the gun again so it’s able to fire when ready).

Who initiates the payments, Paidbak or the Client?
Neither. Once Google charges us, we then initiate a draft on your bank account to cover that payment amount.
Will Google still auto debit me?
No. Once you're up and running with us, Google will no longer debit your account; they will debit ours.
What if I increase my budget?
It does not matter, nor does it affect us. If Google charges us more often, we charge you more often.
Step 3

Collect PBAK Tokens

Each time we load your account, you will earn PBAK tokens. Your token value will be displayed at the top of every page.

PBAK tokens represent your percentage of our revshare program. This is in your account dashboard, and you earn tokens each month based on the total amount you spent with Google. Once you get the tokens added to your account, they are yours to keep and you can cash them out whenever you like.

You can request to cash out your tokens at any time, and we’ll transfer your funds directly to you via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, or ACH. There is no waiting period; you can cash out your tokens the same day you get them or watch them accumulate over time. PBAK tokens are great to let build over time so you can cash them out when you are ready for things like a vacation, a down payment on a car, or other things you want to save up for.

When do I get tokens?
On the first of each month, the tokens are distributed based on the total amount you spent on Google ads for the past month. The more you spend, the more tokens you will earn. The amount of tokens you can acquire is unlimited.
How long can I keep earning PBAK tokens?
You can keep earning PBAK tokens each month you are using us. Once you no longer use us, if you have any PBAK tokens in your account, we will cash them out and pay you based on your preferred payment method.
What is the price per token?
Our token price is always live at the top of every page. The price will fluctuate throughout the month based on a few factors, such as:

- The amount of cashback deposited into the revshare

- The amount of withdrawals people request

- The number of new accounts we acquire that month.

The revshare is pooled with every account we have, so the more as a whole we can pass to Google, the more your tokens will be worth. Today it might be $0.03 per token; next year, it could be $0.89 per token.

- Those three factors above equate to increased returns for you. -